Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday April 29,2010

Sunny Morning.In the 40's.Suppose to get to 70 today.Hope to hunt for more morels and go fishing.Frank and I feel really good after working in the woods yesterday.YEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are going to pick up fertilizer for the garden today.
Frank got the garden tilled,fertilized and limed.I got the grass mowed.Tonight for supper I am fixing fried morels and venison.YUM
No mushroom hunting or fishing.

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  1. Frank has invented the "Wilderness Burger".Batter fried Venison Tenderloin sandwich, topped with fresh fried morel mushrooms ,cedar cheese ,pickles and jalapeno slices.With a touch of mayo and ketchup .All served up on slightly buttered and toasted homemade bread.Mmmmm good.Makes an old man smile.