Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Copper Cup Classic 2013


Good Weather and Good Shooting at this years Copper Cup Classic

The BHC Trekked to Pennsylvania this year for the Eastern Primitive Rendezvous.
The rain held off till camp was up so no complaints for rain on Saturday . A good day to visit and relax.
Captain Rob
would decide the matches for the Copper Cup again this year so he chose the rifle match ,which would be a paper target with many small animals . The smaller the animal the more points . Pretty interesting seeing how others decide to shoot the match and whether or not you made the right decision would be determined when the scores were announced !!!
The second part of the match would be the smoothbore woods walk . It looked pretty basic but would choose to be a challenging match as well.
We always welcome the JCrew to play with us and once again they showed how well they shoot.
The places are as follows.

First place LEE(By God West Virginia) HADDOX with a score of 58
great shooting Lee
Second place John(Bubba PuP)Suchora with a score of 57
Great shooting as well
Third Place Captain Rob Park
Fourth Place goes to Jerry (Play us a song) Newman
Fifth goes to Jo(Kept man )Cramer

Sixth goes to Dave(Twine me something) Ohl

Seventh Place goes to Frank(yes I beat my wife) Pritchard
Eighth goes to Linda(Yes Frank beat me) Pritchard
Ninth goes to Steve(Still Blue Eyes ) Pickens
Tenth goes to Troy(Squirrel) Sowers

Eleventh goes to Hawk (Rich ) Stevens
Twelve goes to Tony(I'll make the coffee) Chase.

Thirteenth Dakota (lets keep it neat) Sowers
Fourteenth was the big winner of the day
Christie(Warrior Woman) Suchora
takes the "Blanket" Prize and showed everyone that even though she usually wins she knows how to be graceful when you aren't number one . Class act Christie but I think we are all in trouble next year !!
Always always a wonderful week full of friendship and as much shooting as we can muster.
It is coming near winter so hunting has started and gardens are pretty well done.Looking forward to next years Copper Cup and being with my friends once again.
Till then .....
Keep On Trekking
Granny Lin





Saturday, August 10, 2013

QUEEN Anns Lace dye

I gathered a full grocery sack of queen anns lace flowers.Simmered them in a canner for about 3 hours with rain water.Added 3 tabelspoons of alum and added wet material to achieve the yellow.The green is over dyed in Saxon Blue.

Cabbage sausage soup

The Sausage Cabbage soup recipe
I just made it up as I went but here goes.
I used about half a head of cabbage ,one medium onion,about 2 lbs Italian sausage ,5 beef bullion cubes , 3 or 4 potatoes. I Might add green peppers today. I browned the sausage in a separate pan and chopped everything else up pretty coarse. Added the veggies with just enough water to barely cover as the cabbage cooks down... to make more water. Added the sausage and season salt and pepper.cooked on medium to simmer till tender. Doesn't take very long.this made about 4 or 5 quarts. In the past I have added corn and beans from the garden. You could probably add tomatoes.
I opened a jar to taste it today and it even passed the picky eater Frank taste test.I processed it in the pressure canner the same as for meat.15 lbs for 90 minutes for quarts.This soup is good enough to open a quart at a time.Happy canning !!!!!!!