Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday May 3,2010

Had an exciting day.The men woke us up with the supplies to build the cabin at 6:00 am.It had rained all Sunday and it was really wet.Well when they tried to pull down to the site the trailer slid over the bank.Anyway with the help of Meryl and his tractor and after we unloaded half of the trailer they got it out.Then Frank and I and Chris reloaded the materials onto our trailer and took it on down to the site.Even with the delay they were done by 3:30.We are tired tonight and still had to clean the office.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday May 1st 2010

Today it is partly cloudy and in the 70's with some short showers.We got up and went to the first day of the farmers market.We bought hooked rugs from a 100 year old woman and some zuccinni starts.Then drove down to Mcconnelsville to the historical museum and Betty White gave us a tour.What a nice museum of the history of our area.We then drove down to Huck's to buy vegetable starts for the garden.Then back home and we opened up the fence line between us and Les so we could ride straight through.After I fixed steak and morels and candy onions from the farmers market.Very good supper.